Dude Theft Wars for iOS

Download Dude Theft Wars for iOS V0.9.0.8J ( iPhone, iPad)

An open-world sandbox game full of physics action and cool games that we can play offline and online for free. Offline mode has a wide map where you can play action-packed games and complete missions. In online mode, you can play with your friends and unknown people and play against each other in the form of teams.

This interesting and cool game is also available for iOS users. Download Dude Theft Wars for iOS devices, explore the world, and get to know about its amazing characteristics. In this article, we have covered all the features and information on how to download the dude theft wars for iOS. 

Dude Theft Wars for ios Features

Dude Theft Wars is full of interesting events and humorous action, and we can enjoy it without getting bored. There are some amazing features, which are listed below.

Free open-world sandbox game

 A vast environment for exploration and interaction with various elements of the game. When you can involve yourself in different missions and gain experience, an important thing is you can enjoy these things for free. 

Online multiplayer game modes

 An interesting feature where you team up with friends and other players online. In this you two teams fight against each other to win the battle. This mode makes the environment more thrilling.

Online fps shooting game

With this feature, you play as a character and try to kill all other players to complete missions and win. You can use many weapons and other elements to protect yourself from the opponents.

Mini and diverse game

Dude Theft game is a mixture is mini and diverse games that attract all kinds you users. You have a wide list of games like fishing and football to play. Kids love to accept different challenges and missions  

Secrets and cheats in sandbox simulator

There are many secrets & cheats in sandbox simulators like Nosforever-  for increasing the speed of the car.  Moongravity- for an unknown reward. Tiny dudes- to make yourself small. Giantduds-  to make yourself giant and many more. 

Challenging shooting games with ragdoll game physics

The game offers us exciting and challenging shooting games, and you will experience the fun of cool and funny games.

Method to Download Dude Theft Wars for iOS

I have provided a quick guide that will help you to download and install the game on iOS and divide either iPhone or iPad. Below are the steps to follow:

  • First, click the link given below 
  • After clicking, it will start downloading.
  • To install the game on your device, go to the phone settings and ON the unknown resources.
  • Go to the section where the file is downloaded 
  • Click on the file it will start installing.
  • Within a few seconds, it will be on your home screen.
  • Open it and start playing it.  

Old Version of Dude Theft Wars for iOS

This action shooting game has evolved a lot over time, from the beginning to the best of its features. Developers added many modifications to improve the user experience of players. Hence, they released versions from time to time. Below, I have listed all the old versions of Dude Theft Wars for iOS:

VersionRelease Date Dec 2023 Dec 2023 Apr 2023 Mar 2023 Mar 2023 Feb 2023 Oct 2022 Aug 2022 Jul 2022 Jul 2022 May 2022 Apr 2022 Apr 2022 Apr 2022

Personal Perspective

I am a lover of suspense games, I love to play where I have to fight against the players to complete the missions. While playing dude theft wars, I experienced a thrill and enjoyed where I was able to unleash my creativity. I have the freedom to play and explore the environment with excitement.


Yes, there are two modes available to play it online or offline. Both modes have their characteristics, environments, and missions. 

Yes, we can download the game on iOS devices. All iOS users can enjoy the amazing journey without any limitations.

Yes, you can download it safely there is no harm to your device it will work smoothly.  

 Version is the latest version available for all iPhones and iPad users.



Till the end, it’s crystal clear that now you can easily download the latest version of Dude Theft Wars on your iOS devices, either iPhone, Macbook, or iPad. All follow the simple procedure of download. You can reach out to our website for the most trusted source of installation. 

From our link, you not only get the most up-to-date version with exclusive features but also the most trusted source. What are you still waiting for? Reach out to us to download Dude Theft Wars for iOS. 

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