Evolution of Dude Theft Wars

Evolution of Dude Theft Wars from Initial Release to 2024 Update

Evolution of Dude Theft Wars

Dude Theft Wars is among the most famous action games based on funny physics, action, and thrills. This was offered by Poxel Studios Games on Mar 8, 2018. After being released on Play Store, this game started to gain popularity because of the mesmerizing 3D graphics and challenging missions. 

People of all ages, especially kids above 11, love to play it because it is a mixture of mini-games. From time to time different changes were made by developers. In this article, you will come to know about the different versions of dude theft wars released with different changes, so let’s move towards the Evolution of Dude Theft Wars.

Evolution of Dude Theft Wars for IOS

All versions of Dude Theft Wars for IOS are available here. IOS users can get all the information about the old version and can download it with ease. Here is the list of versions.


This is the oldest version of this game on ios devices released on 11 April 2022 by Poxel Studio Games. Only a few changes were made, like additions of texture in the environment and updates to the features.


The release date of this version is 20 April 2022. Some bugs were causing disturbance in this app so the developer fixed the bugs in this version. 


As this is a digital app, it can show bugs at any time and it is a problem. The date of release is 27 April 2022. Fixation of bugs is the main.

Version 0.9.05c

Released on 22 May 2022  it includes the solution of all minor bugs like if we cannot handle the speed, unlock the garage door, and cannot do character customization.


Release on 27 July 2022.  Time is required for further changes in any app, and after that application becomes more and more suitable for users. The features of this app are fixed crashes and the addition of 20+ brand-new vehicles like jeeps, vans, sedans, and sports cars.


28 July 2022 is the date when a new version was published again; new cars were added with some extra features. You can look around freely while in the car. Optimization of the performance. Free AI car distance, etc.

Version 0.9.07f

 On 8 August 2022, a version with new characteristics was on the board. 

  • Bugs fixation
  • The sounds of the cars were amazing with speed fixation.
  • More cheat codes were added 


8 Feb 2023, the next new version was available for iOS users. You can play as a single player or with your friends. You can drive a car with your friends and take selfies. Different roles were available.


The release date was 8 Mar 2023. New modes of multiplayer sandbox were included. you can play a different role, such as a policeman.


On 18 April 2023, a new version was available. This gaming app was safe and bug-free. New car auto services and garages to park the cars were added. You can change the color, speed, size, and rotation of the wheel.


This version was available for iOS users on 19 Dec 2023. Some changes were made

  • Fixation of minor bugs 
  • Addition of new quests and cheats


This is the latest version released recently on 28 Dec 2023. changes were almost the same as those that were made in the previous version, such as minor bug fixation and new chest and quest addition.

Evolution of Dude Theft Wars for Android

Mobile gaming has many memorable games, but Dude Theft Wars stands out for its fascinating evolution. Dude Theft Wars started as a small project and evolved from a simple sandbox idea created by a dedicated team. During development, the main concern was crafting a world that offered both engagement and liberation to players.

This makes the game undergo transformative updates, from expanded maps to additional characters and interactive features. Some of the notable updates include new game modes, improved graphics, and better gameplay elements, and each contributes to the game’s evolution. 

The latest version has many important features from its initial release. It offers an expansive world, detailed characters, and exciting missions for more player engagement. Developers Poxel Studio, are always struggling to give their best to you, so sooner a new version is expected for this game. 

If you want more details on the version of Dude Theft War for Android, then click here. Here, you can find the list of all the old versions of Dude Theft Wars with their release date. 


The latest version of Dude Theft Wars games is, and all versions are also available here

India is the country where Poxel Studio Games developed this game on March 8, 2018.


Till the end regarding the Evolution of Dude Theft Wars, we have provided all the information on the old version of Dude Theft Wars, either Android or iOS. In this article, all the features are mentioned that come with different versions and You can download all the versions from our site without any difficulty. 

Our site is the most valid source for downloading any kind of app with safety. Then what are you waiting for? Download any version of Android and iOS ( iPhone, iPad, and MacBook) of your choice.  

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