Dude Theft Wars vs Grand Wars Mafia City

Dude Theft Wars vs. Grand Wars Mafia City

If you’re a game lover and looking for details about Dude Theft Wars vs. Grand Wars Mafia City, you must go through this article to make up your mind about which one is best. Dude Theft Wars is a game that delivers a physics-defying world where you play as the first person to become the sole crime leader in the city. This game allows you to steal cars, planes, and other vehicles and cause funny ragdoll stunts. It is the perfect game for letting loose your stress by diving into crime in a funny way. But doing all this you should beware of the police.

On the other hand, Grand Wars Mafia City gives you a chance to build an underworld empire instead of a solo criminal journey.  This is a tactical shooter game that allows you to be a ruthless mob boss called “Godfather” who fights for power against real players. You can conquer the city, street by street by upgrading your weapons and godfathers all while strategizing your way to supremacy in action-packed battles.

So which one will be a better crime world for you to flourish in?  Do you wish to have fun like in Dude Theft Wars or will you go for the power struggle found in Grand Wars Mafia City? Let’s compare them to find out.

Graphics and Design

The cartoon-like look of Dude Theft Wars is its key point. The Dude Theft Wars characters and the surroundings are blocky and pixelated, the colors are vibrant and everything seems to be very exaggerated. This foolish yet playful style is in sync with the kind of wild and hilarious things you can do in this videogame. The graphics aren’t overly sophisticated, but they are perfect for a fun-filled wild time and can run smoothly on even a mediocre phone.

Grand Wars: Mafia City looks more serious. In the first look, everything has a slightly rougher and more grown-up feel. This helps you concentrate and get on to constructing your crime empire as well as taking over the city. The top-down view of this game makes it easier to plan your strategies and know where everyone is on the battlefield.


The theme of Dude Theft Wars is letting you have a lot of wild fun. You can get up to lots of silly troubles and wander in the blocky world and be whatever you want. You have the option of stealing cars and provoking the police by committing crimes. There are many minigames included in the sandbox world of this game like bowling. On top of all of this, it can be played online with friends in multiplayer mode which makes it even more appealing for gamers.

However, Grand Wars Mafia City is different. You are supposed to build yourself as the main boss for all criminals in your city called godfathers. You will have to fight other players and take control over the whole town by upgrading and improving your crew’s power. You always have to think well before making an attack and select the most powerful weapons that can make you win. You are always fighting real guys from all around the world to become the most influential mobster or gang leader.


Grand Theft Wars is a completely free open-world crime game that features ragdoll physics. You can also take part in an amazing online multiplayer mode that brings up to 16 players together, making it one of the best action games available. It has got a first-person shooting (FPS) game with so much excitement. It has driving simulator features that add depth to the gameplay. And then, within this huge open world, there are various mini-games that you can experience like basketball and bowling.

Grand Wars Mafia City on the other hand is a thrilling tactical PvP action shooter that will bring you into the shoes of a godfather. You have to build your crime family and take control of the city. It is a game of tactics and firepower in which every road seized increases your influence and power. It gives you a wide array of weapons and upgradeable godfathers as well as arsenals that you need for epic gang wars occurring all around the globe against real players. The game features incredible battlefields where you can use any combat tactic freely.


The controls of Dude Theft Wars are easy and can be learned by anyone. There will be a joystick on the screen that enables your character to change your directions and more buttons to run and jump. You should not worry about driving cars and other crazy vehicles because it is a simple task with the help of pedals and steering. Shooting and fighting have easy controls as well, so you don’t have to think too hard when you want to blow stuff up.

Grand Wars: Mafia City has a detailed control scheme for a top-down tactical shooter, which places importance on accuracy and careful planning. The game is about enabling the player to attack and coordinate his gang with precision. Tapping or dragging the screen provides players with a simple way to move around and target for carefully carrying out their strategy. You can position your gang members at the best possible places during combat.


FeaturesDude Theft WarsGrand Wars: Mafia City
ThemeChaotic fun, wacky humorStrategic empire-building, power struggle battles
GraphicsCartoonish, blocky, brightTop-down, stylized low-poly, serious atmosphere
GameplayOpen-world action, ragdoll physics, mini-gamesTactical battles, territory conquest, upgrades
MultiplayerSilly battles and cooperation with friendsCompetitive battles against real players
ControlsSimple touchscreen arcade controlsPrecise tap-and-drag for strategic movements


Yes, Dude Theft Wars is very famous and has got 100M+ all around the world and is a trending app on the IOS App Store as well.

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world sandbox crime game with ragdoll physics and online multiplayer. Consider it Grand Theft Auto, but with a good deal of cartoonish madness.

Currently. The latest version of Dude Theft Wars on Android is and on IOS it is


After Comparing both crime thriller games the choice comes down to everyone’s own preferred flavour of underworld action.  If you are up for a pure hilarious and funny destructive world then Dude Theft Wars is the one to go for. But, If you are looking for a more strategically appealing game where you plan on building an empire and outsmart real players from around the world then Grand Wars: Mafia City is the obvious choice. 

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