Dude Theft Wars and Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City

What is Dude Theft Wars and Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City

Dude Theft Wars is an insane online game in which you can create trouble in the vast and open world. It has been built with inspiration from the legendary series Grand Theft Auto Classics and just like it one should be ready to drive vehicles, make trouble, and get involved in funny situations. With its bizarre 3D world and various kinds of transport (including a jet), the potential for destruction is unlimited. But that’s not all, if you break the law you get caught by cops.

There’s another game Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City where you play as a mafia boss who is trying to stop their city from sliding into chaos. In it, you take your gang on missions, fight other gangs, and change the course of the storyline by making choices. You will get to discover a blocky open world, drive cars, fly airplanes, and take part in thrilling missions. Your only aim is to rule over the criminal underworld forever.

So, which game is better among both mafia games? We will go through a comparison of these two games showing the gameplay, graphics, and overall fun with regards to Dude Theft Wars as well as Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City. Get ready to see which game lets you be the best bad guy.

Graphics and Design

Dude Theft Wars comes with a cartoony and exaggerated art style.  It has funny-looking characters and a vibrant environment to mix them in. Overall the graphics have got a slightly unrealistic 32 touch in Dude Theft Wars. This causes the game to be more casual and playful when you are causing havoc all around the map.

On the other hand, Blocky dude gangster auto city has gone the completely other way in the sense of graphics. You can imagine it like Minecraft but with gangsters. It has pixelated graphics which gives it an old school that seems charming. Despite its simplicity compared to dude theft wars, there is something about it that pushes anyone who has played pixelated games into a kind of nostalgia.


Dude theft wars is a game that is entirely focused on destruction and enjoyment. It revolves around roaming in the open world and finding unique methods to cause destruction and chaos. Although there are missions and objectives present in the game, their focus also lies in engaging you in funny actions and letting you enjoy the sandbox environment. You have customization features in the game to change your character’s appearance or get crazy cars for more fun.

Building up on your life of crime is the core aspect and focus of Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City. The story in this game has a greater depth and gameplay requires more strategy. Missions in this game have objectives that take you through the criminal underworld to complete tasks like fighting enemies and performing robberies. The customization features in this game let you build gangs and expand their turfs instead of focusing on the individual characters’ looks.


Dude Theft Wars presents you with a large sandbox world through which the main focus is on providing you with as much freedom as possible for you to do whatever you wish. It has got a ragdoll physics engine that can lead to hilarious and unpredictable situations when driving your character through the city. There are also tons of vehicles such as cars, bikes, jetpacks, and shopping carts which you will be able to choose from. On top of all, it has also got a multiplayer mode where you can enjoy destruction with fellow friends and dudes from around the world.

Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City is more of a plot-driven game with missions that drive your progress through the criminal world. It focuses on creating your own gang, expanding your territory, and becoming the top crime lord there ever was. The unique blocky world gives it a distinct visual style and adds potential for interacting with the environment. You will still find a wide range of vehicles like cars, planes, or helicopters used for various crimes.


Both Dude Theft Wars and Blocky Dude have a basic set of controls that are common in games with an open world. These controls include virtual joysticks for moving your character around, and letting you walk, run, and jump over things. In both games, there are firing buttons on their displays too. Other than this, you can also drive different cars available with the use of screen pedals or virtual steering for turning.

Both games offer the same controls in their own unique way and styles that are suitable for a variety of gamers. While Dude Theft Wars is characterized by ragdoll physics and chaotic gameplay, Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City offers a more realistic experience as far as open-world concepts go. You can make your choice according to your own gangster tastes.


FeaturesDude Theft WarsBlocky Dude Gangster Auto City
GenreOpen-world SandboxOpen-world Crime
DeveloperPoxel Studios GamesBlue Bird Gaming
No. of Downloads100M+100K+
FocusDestruction and ExplorationStory-driven Missions
GraphicsCartoony 3DBlocky
CustomizationCharacter Appearance & VehiclesGang Building & Territory Expanding
ControlsJoystick, Action Buttons, Driving ControlsJoystick, Action Buttons, Driving Controls


Certainly, Dude Theft Wars has an online multiplayer feature that allows you to do anything you want and play with fellow dudes and friends from around the world.

You can create all sorts of groups, but it is more about expanding your territory rather than changing how each individual looks.

Dude Theft Wars has got some crazy vehicles like jetpacks and shopping carts as well as ragdoll physics that lead to funny moments.

Yes, all the mod features and premium perks are free to enjoy. All you need to do is click the download button.

Our dedicated team is always looking to add new features and updates for the user’s ease and excitement.


Dude Theft Wars and Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City give gangster games a new twist. If you want to engage in crazy stunts, blow up buildings, and cause mayhem for fun, then this game is your perfect choice. Meanwhile, those who prefer story-driven missions to build their criminal empires are better off with the Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City. The choice between them is depending on what kind of games you prefer for your taste.

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