Compare Dude Theft Wars and OTR - Offroad Car Driving

Dude Theft Wars Vs. OTR – Offroad Car Driving

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world crime game where you play from a first-person perspective to cause destruction in the blocky world with your character. It lets you complete your inner child’s fantasies and do all those things that you can’t do in the real world. These include stealing cars, flying planes, and wrecking vehicles and buildings. But you have got to do it all while avoiding the police because it’ll be game over once they catch you.

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Although it is also an open-world game, OTR – Offroad Car Driving offers a different kind of adventure. It’s about conquering difficult terrains and exploring vast landscapes while mastering different kinds of vehicles. You will leave the city streets behind and then you’ll get to challenge yourself in a driving simulation environment against nature which will cause you to increase your driving skills.

Graphics and Design

Both games tend to be very good at graphics for their targeted audience. Dude Theft Wars appears to be a little on the cartoony and playful side. Characters in this game are large in size, and the colors as well as everything else are loud and look somewhat overdone. Thus, this silly style of art goes very well with what happens when you engage in such crazy actions. The details aren’t much, but that is exactly what makes it fun and easy to run even on not-so-capable devices. Just make sure, you’ve not installed the older version of Dude Theft Wars, because the new version comes with more exciting features.

For OTR – Offroad Car Driving, realism is key. It has grassy landscapes with patches of dirt here and there and rocks in certain areas while other parts have more trees. Similarly, cars and trucks bear natural appearances or realistic designs as well. Moreover, with OTR – Offroad Car Driving, you could feel like you were really driving through water and mud and conquering extreme trails once again by being realistic about it all. 


This Dude Theft Wars game is wild and very fun to play. You will be the cause of a lot of funny situations, go for car theft, try your luck with bowling or any other mini-games, and enjoy an insane sandbox experience.  You can also have fun online together with your friends with the awesome multiplayer mode. The controls are simple, the physics is a bit exaggerated so it’s just pure fun and absolute chaos.

On the other hand, OTR – Offroad Car Driving has a different approach to adventure. This video game is about conquering realistic landscapes while mastering your vehicle on them.  You will get to navigate through muddy paths, and steep slopes and explore an enormous open world.  The driving feels original and lifelike, so you must be aware of how your vehicle behaves on different types of surfaces. It’s a bit challenging but rewarding experience for those who want to improve and have fun with their off-road driving skills.


Dude Theft Wars is a combination of sandbox fun in the open world, as well as ragdoll physics. It includes both offline and online modes. It is free-to-play, allowing you to engage in FPS shooting, and drive different types of vehicles. You have to explore hidden things on a vast map. The online multiplayer can have up to 16 players at once playing with mini-games. It mixes action with strategy and humor to become an outstanding game. 

The OTR – Offroad Car Driving is an open-world rich experience that gives users a chance to visit beautiful landscapes and get access to 55 cars. Besides the road, you can have fun on the water with boats and fly helicopters, airplanes, and drive trains. It allows players to engage in online multiplayer mode with friends as well as other players from worldwide and participate in weekly ranked race events. All of this combined with physically simulated water adds realism to the environment making it more fun due to dynamic day and night cycles. 


Dudes Theft Wars has simple controls that anybody can learn. There is a virtual stick to move, alongside other options for actions such as shooting, running, and jumping. The driving of vehicles is a cinch too with pedals and steering controls that ensure that you easily rampage. All the controls are focused on making it possible for you to quickly get into the frenetic fun.

The OTR – Offroad Car Driving game has more complex controls that imitate real off-road vehicles. They usually include an imaginary steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals, as well as extra buttons for vehicle functions. However mastering driving in Off-Road Driving takes practice, but it contributes significantly to the challenging realism of the experience.


FeaturesDude Theft WarsOTR – Offroad Car Driving
ThemeChaotic fun, wacky humorSkill-based exploration, conquering challenging terrain
GraphicsCartoonish, blocky, brightMore realistic, detailed environments, and vehicles
GameplayOpen-world action, silly activities, ragdoll physicsRealistic off-road driving, exploration, challenges
ControlsSimple touchscreen arcade controlsSimulation-like controls, virtual steering wheel options


Yes, Dude Theft Wars is a multiplayer game. The online multiplayer can have up to 16 players at once playing with mini-games. It mixes action with strategy and humor to become an outstanding game. 

The Dude Theft Wars lets you get money through different activities such as selling cars, killing your foes, or playing minigames. You can then use the proceeds to purchase strong arms and equipment.

Yes, there are many cheat codes that you have to find out in the vast sandbox world of dude theft wars.


So, when it comes to open-world adventures, which one are you most likely to go for? Dude Theft Wars is perfect if you want to go wild, have fun, and experience unexplainable and fun actions. But, if you are ready to test your driving skills and explore rough terrains, to become a master of various types of cars in OTR – Offroad Car Driving then this will be an ideal choice. Regardless of what you choose though, prepare yourself for a ride that will create lasting memories.

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