Dude Theft Wars vs. Car Parking Multiplayer

Dude Theft Wars vs. Car Parking Multiplayer

Dude Theft Wars takes you into an outrageous and bizarre world. You can imagine it as a land made of bright blocks where almost anything is possible.! This game has lots of hilarious moments and over-the-top action. Do you want to cause traffic jams for fun or would you like to snatch a helicopter and travel around town, why not? Dude Theft Wars is all about enjoying some mad, wild adventures.

Car Parking Multiplayer is an entirely different kind of game. If you’re into careful driving and improving your parking skills then this is your game. It gives you the challenge of parking many different types of cars, trucks, etc in tight spaces. In this game, patience and skills mean more than crazy actions.

So which one do you prefer: crazy wild actions or driving challenges simulation? This guide will assist you to choose the right game for you!

Graphics and Design

The game, Dude Theft Wars, has blocky graphics like Minecraft. It is all colorful and somewhat cartoonish. This style makes the game’s silly action even more fun. The game also performs well on older phones or tablets because of the blocky graphics.

The developers of Car Parking Multiplayer have attempted to make their graphics resemble real-life objects. Thus, any vehicle that you steer in this game will be similar to those seen on roads, while these parking spaces are made to resemble actual streets and parking lots. The way in which it is so realistic gives it a true sense of being behind the wheel and trying to park correctly. The thrill of parking becomes greater as one can picture himself actually doing it in real life too.


Dude Theft Wars is a sort of game that may be considered wild and insane! You can run in the town doing everything from carjacking to brawling with people on the road and even flying helicopters. It’s a game where you can do anything at any time, there are no rules, and it’s all about having so much fun because this is where it starts getting funnier. The main aim is to have an amazing moment.

Similar to the Grand Wars Mafia City game, the Car Parking Multiplayer is a game unlike any other. It’s all about parking cars, trucks, and buses in tight spaces with great care. The game has a realistic driving experience as you have to obey traffic rules and mind your speed while driving. But that’s not all! Also, you can unlock new cars to navigate around in such as sports vehicles or monster ones. Even the gameplay has a multiplayer mode so you may compete with other players or park within certain time limits.


In Dude Theft Wars, you travel the streets of a large city causing all kinds of destruction. It has got an option to play online where you can either fight other players or cooperate with them in order to cause more chaos.  The funny character animations also help to heighten the experience of gamers.  You can grab guns and shoot each other, blow up something, or drive weird cars too. The huge playground offers many mini-games and has hidden cheat codes for you to explore.

Car Parking Multiplayer is about driving cautiously and parking accurately. It feels like driving a real car and has a massive online world that you can explore with other players. This game introduces racing, making friends, and chatting with them. You can act as a cab driver in this game. There are numerous vehicles that you can unlock and customize using unique coloring items and elements. 

The world in this game consists of gas stations, and car repairs together with lots of things giving it the look of reality. There are challenges based on parking skills along with races that keep the game interesting throughout your gaming experience when playing the Car Parking Multiplayer.


Once you download Dude Theft Wars, the controls are easy and can be learned by anyone. There will be buttons displayed on the screen to enable you to run, jump, or even change your directions. You should not worry about driving cars and other crazy vehicles because it is a simple task. Instead, focus on causing trouble for fun. Shooting and fighting have easy controls as well, so you don’t have to think too hard when you want to blow stuff up.

In Car Parking Multiplayer, the controls have more of a realistic car feel. The screen may contain a steering wheel together with gas and brake pedals whichever you prefer. Accordingly, parking requires some delicate control so be sure to be slow on the pedals and watchful when turning around sharp bends. Besides, you have an option to modify these settings such that they fit into your sense of style in terms of controls hence increasing your control and driving skills for your car.


FeaturesDude Theft WarsCar Parking Multiplayer
ThemeChaotic, open-world actionRealistic driving simulation
DeveloperPoxel Studios GamesOlzhass, Aidana Kengbeiil
No. of Downloads100M+100M+
FocusSilliness, exploration, destructionSkill improvement, car collection, social features
GraphicsBlocky, retro-styleMore realistic 3D visuals
GameplayFast-paced, arcade-like, combat-heavyMeasured, focused on parking, and driving challenges
ControlsSimple, intuitive for quick actionMore complex, mimicking real-world driving
Multiplayer FeaturesOnline battles and team-upsRacing, socializing, open-world exploration with others


The SuperOE achieving 773 mph without nitro and 1318 mph with nitro is the fastest-recorded car in Dude Theft Wars.

The Sniper 8X, which is based on the actual Barrett M82 in real life, deals out the most destructive power among all those available in the game. It works perfectly with far-off targets.

Dude Theft Wars is developed by Poxel Studios which is a Pakistan-based game developer company.


Picking between Dude Theft Wars and Car Parking Multiplayer depends on what kind of fun you want. If you like crazy action, lots of laughs, and causing silly trouble, Dude Theft Wars is the game for you. If you prefer a challenge, want to practice driving skills, and love collecting different cars, Car Parking Multiplayer is a better choice.

Both games are great for relaxing and having a good time.  So try them both and see which one you like the best!

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