Shooting Games Similar To Dude Theft Wars

Top 10 Action Shooting Games Similar To Dude Theft Wars

We are aware of the popularity of the latest action game named Dude Theft Wars, an open-world sandbox game. It follows ragdoll physics with funny and funky animations, adding a touch of humor to the most intense situations. After its hype among netizens, people started searching for other games similar to Dude Theft Wars.

Basically, it is to compare the extraordinary features of our game to check the compatibility. So, I am going to present you the 10 most similar action shooting games to Dude Theft Wars. You can do a comparison on it for better choices indeed.

Criteria for Selection

I have picked the games below based on what makes Dude Theft Wars a blast – gameplay style, graphics, and an overall awesome user experience

Similar Shooting Games

Have you ever gotten lost in Dude Theft Wars and wondered if similar games are out there? Below, I have rounded up the top 10 action shooting games that’ll scratch that same gaming itch.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

Comparing the analogy of both games, it comes to sight that, likewise, in Dude Theft Wars, you can drive cars, do wild stunts, and cause all kinds of trouble in GTA V. Remember the open-world craziness of Dude Theft Wars when you just wanted to explore and stir up some fun? GTA V takes that feeling and cranks it up to the max. You can also read the comparison of Dude Theft Wars vs. GTA.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

You have played Dude Theft Wars similarly with a pirate twist, the exact one you get with Assassin’s Creed Pirates. You will meet Alonzo Batilla, a young pirate captain on a mission to break the rules, challenge empires, and fill his pockets with gold. The hunt for sharks, whales, and exotic fish to keep your crew well-fed will remind you of the exciting sandbox world of Dude Theft Wars.

Geometry Dash Lite

Step into Geometry Dash Lite, which is like Dude Theft Wars but simpler and crazy fun. In this game, you follow your cube through vibrant, pulsing levels filled with spikes, pillars, and drops, demanding perfect timing and quick reflexes. You will play 16 levels where the difficulty ramps up exponentially, alive the memory of Policw chacing you in Dude Theft Wars.

Warframe Mobile

Introducing Warframe Mobile another best action shooting game, where you become the creator of your very own superhero, mirroring the free-spirited vibe of Dude Theft Wars. You can use the wield power and prepare the ultimate assassin, tank, support, or stealth Warframe. In Warframe Mobile, as in Dude Theft Wars, a strong offense becomes your best defense. Especially when you meet Hildryn, a powerhouse with high-damage abilities fueled by her Shields.

Blood Strike

Blood Strike is a fast-paced FPS Battle Royale prepared for low-end devices reminiscent of the diligent circus found in Dude Theft Wars. It gives you a 100-player battle experience with fully customizable weapons. Similar to Dude Theft Wars, Blood Strike is made for devices with limited storage and low-end specs. Sometimes, I feel like parachuting, gliding, free running, and zip-lining in Blood Strike that make it a step better than our beloved Dude Theft Wars.

Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City

In Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City, your game starts with a shopping cart of criminals ready to be your thug life buddy. Just like the Dude Theft Wars, Blocky Dude Gangster Auto City also follows an open-world sandbox, a battle of sin. So, join this free crime simulator game filled with amazing gangster missions and give new rules in the mafia city of war.

Crime Theft Wars – Open World

It is a 3D Open World Sandbox game that mirrors the spirit of Dude Theft Wars. You can get in daily activities, from driving to various tasks, which will surely help in understanding the game mechanics. Crime Theft Wars offers an Online Open World Sandbox experience and an offline single-player mode. In the online mode (coming soon), you can hang out with friends, take on activities together, explore the city, and complete missions in up to 8 multiplayer modes.

Robbery Bob

Meet Bob, the legendary thief with a heart of gold in Robbery Bob, which is filled with sneaky moves, clever puzzles, and plenty of laughs.  You will walk through luxurious villas and outsmart guards, dogs, and other enemies while keeping your pockets full of loot. Also, you will get a chance to enjoy the lighthearted humor and engaging gameplay, which gives flashes of humor found in Dude Theft Wars

Modern Strike Online

The hunt for the best free first-person shooting games ends when you play Modern Strike Online. It’s not just an FPS game but an experience that combines the thrill of PC-quality graphics with intense shooter gameplay. If you’ve loved the action in Call of Duty, CSGO, or PUBG, Dude Theft Wars, get ready for even more. The most interesting part of Modern Strike Online is that you can conquer 14 unique 5v5 PvP maps, each with its own surroundings and original style.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Join others in Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can be a bounty hunter, trader, hunter, or even run your own moonshine business. Choose your role, make decisions, and live the cowboy life in this open-world adventure. It has a multiplayer game mode as well as a single-player mode. It’s another best shooting games comes in top 10.


It is an open-world sandbox game that follows funny characters in ragdoll physics mechanics.

Sniper 8X is indeed the best gun of the game.

It’s India, which is the origin of Dude Theft Wars.

Yes, you can play Dude Theft Wars on PC by using the emulator.


We have discussed 10 different action shooting games, each with its own unique features and giving a touch with Dude Theft Wars. All these Android game follows the same mechanics as your favorite game. Some of them are funky in style, some intense in action, and some give various gaming modes for extra fun Whatever it is, each is extraordinary.

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