troubleshooting Issues in Dude Theft Wars

Troubleshooting Issues in Dude Theft Wars Android & iOS 2024

The best of us have faced a hit in downloading the Dude Theft Wars or might face other issues like lagging or buffering. So, I am here to troubleshoot all the issues while playing our beloved game. Undoubtedly, identifying problems at an early stage helps prevent their escalation into more complex issues, which may have the potential to disrupt services. Let’s move towards the detailed article regarding troubleshooting issues in Dude Theft Wars.

Common Issues and Solutions

Below are some most common troubleshooting Issues in Dude Theft Wars faced by both Android & iOS users. You can get the solutions for each. So, let’s get started:

Downloading Issues

Some of us can face the most common error of downloading. I have gone through multiple queries about this frustrating problem that prevents them from accessing the game. ]


  • Check Net Connection: It is important to check that your device has an active internet connection to avoid any kind of disruption later.
  • Ensure Sufficient Storage: Clear unnecessary files or apps to create more space on your device. Double-check the required storage space for Dude Theft Wars and ensure you meet the requirements.
  • Retry the Download: If the download fails, try again after a few moments. Temporary server issues might be resolved.
  • Restart Your Device: A basic restart frequently resolves temporary glitches. Power off and on your device, then attempt the download again.
  • Check Server Status: Check the official game website to verify if there are any documented server problems.
  • App Update: Ensure you have the most up-to-date Dude Theft Wars app version. Developers often release new features or, better said, updates to resolve download and compatibility issues.
  • Contact Support: At the end, you can contact the game’s customer support. They will provide additional guidance to your specific situation.

Game Crashes

Encountering frequent game crashes can be both frustrating and disruptive to your gaming experience in Dude Theft Wars.


  • Update the Game: Ensure that you are utilizing the most recent version of Dude Theft Wars. Give a call to your device’s app store and update to the latest release.
  • Inspect Mobile Compatibility: It is important to verify that your device meets the game’s conditions. Older devices may face challenges with the latest gaming software.
  • Clear Cache and Data: Check the device’s settings, find the Dude Theft Wars app, and clear both the cache and data. This can help eliminate corrupted files causing crashes.
  • Restart Your Device: A straightforward restart of your device frequently addresses temporary glitches. Turn off your device, wait for a moment, and then turn it back on before starting the game.

Lag and Performance Issues

Experiencing lag or poor performance in Dude Theft Wars can delay gameplay and reduce overall enjoyment.


  • Change Graphics Settings: Opt for a balance between visual quality and performance.
  • Close Background Apps: Shut down any non-essential applications running in the background to release additional resources. This can be especially important on devices with limited RAM.
  • Restart Mobile: To clear momentary files and refresh the system. This can significantly improve overall performance.
  • Update Device Drivers: Ensure you search for and install any updates accessible for your device’s drivers, specifically focusing on graphics.
  • Free Up Storage Space: Ensure your device has sufficient free storage space. Delete unused apps or files to create room for Dude Theft Wars to operate smoothly.
  • Adjust In-Game Settings: Experiment with other in-game settings, such as resolution and special effects. Find the optimal balance for smooth performance on your device.
  • Install Game Booster Apps: Consider using game booster apps available in app stores. These apps optimize your device’s performance for gaming by prioritizing resources.
  • Monitor Device Temperature: Excessive heat can affect performance. Keep an eye on your device’s temperature and refrain from playing for extended periods if it becomes too hot.

Connectivity Problems

Facing connectivity issues in Dude Theft Wars? Don’t let a shaky connection ruin your gaming vibes. You can follow the below steps.

  • Restart your router by turning it off for a minute and then turning it back on. This simple action can refresh your connection.
  • In your device settings, locate the option to reset network settings. Exercise caution, as this will reset all network-related settings on your device.
  • Activate Airplane Mode on your device for a few seconds and then deactivate it. This can quickly reset your device’s connection settings.
  • If your ISP is causing issues, a VPN might provide a workaround. It can route your connection through a different server, potentially improving stability.

In-App Purchases Not Working

Having trouble splurging on in-app goodies in Dude Theft Wars? Let’s tackle those in-app purchase issues and get you back to shopping in the virtual game.


  • Review Expense Information: Double-check check the credit card details or linked payment methods are accurate. An error in payment info can prevent transactions.
  • Verify App Store Account: Make sure you are signed in with the correct account on your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS). In-app purchases are linked to this account.
  • Try a Different Payment Method: If multiple payment methods are linked to your app store account, try switching to an alternative method to see if the issue persists.
  • Clear App Store Cache (Android Only): If you are using an Android device, clear the cache for the Google Play Store. This can be done in your device settings under “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  • Check for Account Issues: Check for any problems with your app store account, such as billing issues or restrictions. Contact your app store’s customer support if needed.

Control and Interface Issues

If you are facing issues while controlling or gripping the interface, then I have come up with the below solution for you.


  • Calibrate Touch Controls: In the game settings, look for an option to calibrate touch controls. This can ensure that your device registers your touches accurately.
  • Check Device Orientation: Some games have specific orientation requirements. Ensure that your device is held or positioned correctly for optimal control.
  • Adjust Sensitivity Settings: If the game allows, adjust sensitivity settings for controls. Finding the right balance can enhance your control experience.
  • Check for Screen Protector Interference: If a screen protector is applied to your device, it could impact touch sensitivity. Consider temporarily removing it to assess whether it improves control responsiveness. You can also download Dude Theft Wars PC


Updating the game and checking device compatibility can often resolve frequent crashes.

Optimizing performance and minimizing lag can be achieved by tweaking graphics settings and closing background applications.

Check and update payment information, ensure a stable internet connection, and contact customer support if issues persist.


We go through all the details of what possible issues you can face in Dued Theft Wars. Now you can fix any problem easily because Troubleshooting Issues in Dude Theft Wars is no longer a daunting task. We have troubleshooted all issues in Dude Theft Wars for Android and iOS with the latest solution. So, next time, facing download or lag issues won’t be a mess for you. This latest 2024 guide will easily help you through all the technical issues. 

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