How to Unlock Chad in Dude Theft Wars

How to Unlock Chad in Dude Theft Wars 2024 Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for the best action game, you are at the right place because Dude Theft Wars holds all the features you crave. This is a crime-based game that revolves around interesting characters. These are Richie, Jack, and Chad, with wonderful visuals. 

On the first go, you will get Jack, an already unlocked to enjoy the perks of this Android game. After this, you will unlock Richie, which helps you through the hard times in the game. But when it comes to Chad, things got complicated to unlock and play with this character. 

Don’t panic, my fellow gamer, because below, I am taking you through an ultimate guide that will tell you how to unlock Chad in Dude Theft Wars

The Challenge of Unlocking Chad

On first interaction with Chad, you will see him in jail. He is talking to Richie about robbing a bank along with Kiril. His ultimate fast-forwarding time ability will make you eager to unlock him. But, in the standard version, i.e., Dude Theft Wars APK, you cannot unlock Chad. Why? How can I play with my favorite character? I know multiple questions are wandering in your mind. So, below is the answer.

To unlock the superstitious powers of Chad, you can download Dude Theft Wars Mod APK. It is the modded version that has come with premium perks for free. Users download it and enjoy all the paid features without paying a single dime. Once the players download it, they can unlock Chad by default. Now, where and how will you get the latest modified version?

To download Dude Theft Wars Mod APK, you are at the right place because we are offering the latest version of the mod game with unlocked Chad. Just tap the download button, and the game will be beautifully set up on your phone screen. Then open it and choose Chad from the characters set, as it is playable from the start of the game. 

You can also use it to unlock the cheat of Ironman, a powerful character. Besides this, you have all the other Dude Theft Wars cheat needed to win the game.  moreover, to get tips and discussion for Dude theft wars you can visit Reddit community.

How to Unlock Chad in Dude Theft Wars

Features of Dude Theft Wars Mod APK

As you have a closer look at the mystery of the Mod APK, let’s take a closer look at what makes it such a game-changer:

Unleash Chad

Players have the privilege to play with Chad’s character effortlessly. You can join the ranks of Dude Theft Wars’ coolest character without the usual roadblocks. Other than this, it provides numerous other features listed below

Unlimited Money

At every step, you need game currency to unlock various maps, characters like Chad, levels, and weapons for a fully loaded game. So that’s why we shower you with unlimited money in Dude Theft Wars Mod APK, allowing you to buy anything you desire within the game.

Speedy Progress

Now, you have smarter and smoother progress through the game. Because you will stuck in challenging levels just for the reason you lack premium resources. 

Unlocked Weapons

Do you know what is Chad’s favorite weapon? It is obviously AXE that helps him to destroy the enemies. That is why we have unlocked all the weapons to save you from additional hassle. 

Freedom to Experiment

As players are not limited by premium purchases or in-game cash, so can experiment, try new things, and explore the game in ways they could not before. 

  • Unleash unique abilities
  • Enhanced gameplay experience
  • Access to exclusive missions
  • New strategies and gameplay dynamics
  • Requires time and dedication
  • Complex unlocking process

Playing as Chad in Dude Theft Wars Auto

Here, I am going to explain my experience with Chad updates after downloading the Dude Theft Wars Mod APK. When I first interacted with the game interface, everything was mind-blowing. It offers very smooth gameplay and vibrant colors, which is exactly what every player seeks. 

Then it comes to test the might Chad that laid-back flip feature. When I started playing with it, I came to know it has better combat skills, faster movement, and unusual features like fast-forwarding time ability. 

On my observations, as Chad, you can:

  • Roam the Big City: Chad gets to wander around a huge city.
  • Talk to People: He can chat with all the characters in the game (NPCs).
  • Drive Off in Cars: Chad can hop into and drive any car he likes.
  • Go on Exciting Journeys: He can embark on thrilling adventures.
  • Let Your Imagination Loose: Get creative and have tons of fun by creating funny chaos.
How to Unlock Chad in Dude theft Wars


Did Chad appear in Dude Theft Wars?

Yes, it will appear before the bank robbery scene.

Who is the third character in Dude Theft Wars named?

Chad is the third and the most powerful character in the game.

How can I unlock Chad for free?

To unlock Chad, download the latest modded version from the link below to enjoy.

What are some latest Dude Theft Wars Cheats of 2023?

Here is the code list of cheat codes,

  • Heytaxi – Use this code to summon cars to your location.
  • Nosforever – Enter this code to boost your car’s speed.
  • Night – Apply this code to switch the game to nighttime.
  • Evening – Input this code to transition the game to evening mode.


Dude Theft Wars is the most famous Sandbox game that captivates the hearts of many players just with its awesome characters. Above all, is it’s all characters like Chad that make a sensation in the game. To unlock Chad, you need to download the modified version. 

After downloading, you can freely enjoy Chad without any additional charges. Explore the big city, chat with people, zoom around in stolen cars, and get into crazy adventures along with Chad. It will surely be a fun game. 

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