Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars Cheats & Cheat Codes 2024

Who doesn’t like getting free upgrades and items in the game? Dude Theft Wars was developed in 2018 for a niche in the gaming community that enjoyed playing open-world games with unique mechanics. Unlike other games, it lacks a conventional storyline, which added to its popularity.

Considering the fan following and active community worldwide, the developers developed cheat codes that offer several advantages to the players. If you’re new and want easy cheats, view the list below. You’ll enjoy using these codes during the chaotic multiplayer mode.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

As a gaming enthusiast, you must’ve played Grand Theft Auto at least once. The game “Dude Theft Wars” is inspired by GTA, where you can drive vehicles, kill people, or get busted by the police. Many players, including myself, love using cheats to have more fun and adventure in the game.

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world game with a unique blend of physics and mechanics. After its successful launch in 2018, it made its place in the gaming industry. It is a fan-favorite game that allows users to create havoc using multiple cheats. find cheat codes also on google play store.

Unlike GTA, the cheat codes can help you increase the size of the crowd or turn yourself into a giant. Moreover, you can use the unlimited money code to get a lot of cash. Players can use cheats during wars to have support and fun during the gameplay.

If you’re new to the game and like upgrading every week, you should know all the cheat codes. These will help you achieve milestones and secure your position in the most popular mobile game.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Cheat Codes List

I have gathered all the active cheat codes and made a list for the players. They offer a great deal of advantage to the players during the game. These can be used during the multiplayer mode and do not impact your progress.

  • Crowd99 is the easiest cheat code to remember for all the players. It can be used when you want to change the surroundings by increasing the amount of people near you. Enter the cheat to double the size of the crowd around you.
  • Moongravity is my favorite because it lets the player fly in the sky. The gravity is eliminated by entering this code; everyone can float in the air. However, this is impossible in real life but allows players to float around in the game.
  • Giantdudes can be entered to make yourself huge like a giant. The character will become a big fat giant when you enter the cheat. Ensure your game is updated so this cheat code can work on it.
  • Tinydudes is the opposite of the cheat mentioned above. By entering this code, your character, Jack, will become a small man. The size of the player is decreased and turned into a minute creature.
  • Antdude is another cheat like tinydudes and leaves people confused. These two cheat codes are often mixed but are different. As the name indicates, Antdude transforms the player into the size of an ant.
  • Heytaxi can be used to stop or summon a car that is passing nearby. You can use the code if you want a taxi for traveling purposes. It can be used in the multiplayer mode as well.
  • Nosforever is a cheat when you want to increase the speed of your car. This code helps utilize all the nitrous oxide so the vehicle travels faster than usual. Players who like driving fast prefer using this cheat in Dude Theft Wars.
  • Night can be entered to speed the clock so the darkness appears in the sky. Players who like playing at night like using this cheat a lot. The time speeds up, and the day is converted into night.
  • Day is the opposite of the cheat mentioned above. If you like having adventures during the daytime, you can enter the code to speed up the clock.
  • Evening is rarely used for speeding up the time to turn it into the evening.
  • Popoplz is a very common cheat used by almost all players. This cheat is used to get rid of the police if they are after you. It reminds me of GTA, where you had to use a code when the police were chasing you.
  • Suppahotslap is entered to get a special weapon during the game. This can be extremely useful when you encounter enemies and need to kill them. It sets your hand on fire to slap and kill people.
  • Dudekong is another favorite. This cheat can be used when you want to explode the car standing near you. Enter the code and wait for the vehicle to burst into flashes.
  • Cashcash99999999 is commonly used when players need a ton of money in the game. This is an active cheat code but may expire soon.
  • Dudebolt is another cheat code, one of the surprising cheat codes as it gives an unknown reward. So get ready to be surprised.
  • Carboom is the last code, and it exactly means booming the nearby cars. It works just like Dudekong code.
  • Super Jump is the code to Jump to new heights, explore freely, and elevate your gaming fun

Hence, these are some cheats that can be used in Dude Theft Wars by the players. They are active and must be entered in the “Cheat.exe” application. Let me explain it in detail below.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes & Their Amazing Rewards List

Cheat CodeReward/Effect
Crowd99Doubles the size of the crowd around you.
MoongravityAllows players to float in the air like there’s no gravity.
GiantdudesTransforms the player character into a giant.
TinydudesShrinks the player character to a very small size.
AntdudeShrinks the player character to the size of an ant.
HeytaxiSummons a taxi for player transportation.
NosforeverIncreases the speed of cars by utilizing all nitrous oxide.
NightSpeeds up the in-game clock to bring nighttime quickly.
DaySpeeds up the in-game clock to bring daytime quickly.
EveningSpeeds up the in-game clock to create an evening setting.
PopoplzRemoves police who are chasing the player.
SuppahotslapProvides a special weapon that sets player’s hand on fire.
DudekongCauses nearby cars to explode.
Cashcash99999999Grants players a large sum of in-game money.
DudeboltProvides an unknown surprise reward.
CarboomCauses nearby cars to explode (similar to the Dudekong code).
Super JumpSuper Jump allows you to jump really high in the game

How to Redeem Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes?

You got the codes, so what’s next? Now, we have to memorize them first so we can use them. Oh, don’t start now. First, write them on any paper near you, and let us learn to use them.

  • Run the game
  • Start the Game and go near any car (we will test the Carboom cheat code).
  • Click on the mobile icon on the left bottom area of your main screen
  • Find the file that says Cheats.exe and open it
  • It will ask you to enter the Cheat, enter Carboom here
  • Press Enter and see the car explode.

That’s all.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats Code


How do you make money in Dude Theft Wars?

You can make money in Dude Theft Wars by selling cars, playing mini-games, or killing other people for it. The easiest way is to use the money cheat and get unlimited cash.

Who put cheat codes in games?

The developers of the Dude Theft Wars developed the cheat codes themselves. As a player, you can use multiple cheats to fly, kill, or get money in the game. However, ensure the cheats are active and can be used in your version.

What is a Cheat Code?

In the mobile game “Dude Theft Wars,” cheat codes are secret commands that allow players to perform actions beyond the regular rules. These codes are significant in the gaming world as they provide players with various advantages, such as in-game currency, special abilities, and hidden features that are not usually accessible.

How to deactivate cheats in dude theft wars?

You activated a code but now want to deactivate it, simply follow the activation method again by putting the cheat code. It will deactivate it this time

The Bottom Line

A brief article on cheat codes used in Dude Theft Wars is written to help all players. Gaming enthusiasts can take full advantage of these to level up and achieve milestones in the game.

It is considered a fan-favorite game because of its unique mechanics and features. The list of cheats can be helpful for players who need a little assistance during the game.

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