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Complete Guide of Dude Theft Wars Characters 2024

Importance of Dude Theft Wars Characters

Who is unfamiliar with the renowned sandbox physics-based mobile game Dude Theft Wars? The power fuel in this Android game’s popularity is the attractive character development. From Jack, your starting point, to mystifying Chad, each character adds its everlasting impact to the game. But why are all these dude theft wars characters so important? Take a deep breath as we are going to find it out one ob one in today’s guide. Stay tuned till the last line for the best quality information on the characters’ plot.

Types of Dude Theft Wars Characters

It is worth mentioning that your favorite game covers 2 types of characters for the peak story outcome: one is playable characters, and the other is non-playable characters or NPCs. Both have equal importance in maintaining game standards. Moreover, each of them carries their unique abilities and strengths, which makes you feel like multiverse fun. Without wasting time, let’s jump to our beloved characters, starting from Jack to all the off-side characters.

Playable Characters in Game

Playable characters are those which you select from the menu and later use in the game. In simple words, avatars that you can control and interact with directly. These are essential to the gameplay, and each character has unique abilities, skills, or attributes that affect the gaming experience.

Jack – The Protagonist

Jack is the starting point for players in Dude Theft Wars. As the main character, you can roam the game world through Jack and progress via different tasks and challenges.


Richie is a character with a fascinating backstory and unique abilities. You can unlock Richie by completing specific tasks, and he brings his own set of skills, such as freezing time with a guitar.

Richie is stuck in jail, and getting him out isn’t easy. To free him, players have to do tricky tasks set up by Kiril, like getting Kiril’s car back and collecting $3000 in cash. But it’s worth it because once you free Richie, you get to use his unique skills.

Unlocking Richie is like a mini-game within the main game. You have to sneak into the police station, find Richie’s cell, take on the Hay Gang, and snap a picture of Richie’s jail number. Each step makes the Dude Theft Wars story more interesting!


Chad is an eagerly awaited character marked as “Coming Soon” in the game. While specific details about Chad’s abilities are rumored, players are excited about his introduction, adding mystery and suspense to the story.

Ranch and Kiril

Ranch and Kiril are additional playable characters in Dude Theft Wars. Each character contributes to the game’s storyline and provides players with different perspectives and abilities.

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

We can explain NPCs as supportive characters that complete the story and fill the void. They are not directly controlled by players. Non-playable characters are vital for creating a dynamic and interactive game world that provides additional characters for players to interact with, receive quests from, or face as opponents. Below are the NPCs of Dude Theft Wars:


Mux is a non-playable character in Dude Theft Wars. NPCs like Mux typically contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game.


Neo is another non-playable character in Dude Theft Wars. Neo is part of the city’s population that adds multiplicity and realism to the game world.


Lincoln is mentioned as a non-playable character. Lincoln plays various roles in the game, such as providing information, being part of quests, or creating a sense of community within the virtual city.

Grass man

Grass man is an NPC that you may face in Dude Theft Wars. NPCs with unique characteristics, like Grass Man, contribute to the diversity of the game world.


Boris is another non-playable character. NPCs Boris have specific roles and behaviors programmed into the game.

Police Characters and Their Role

You can confront police when running on streets as a result of violence. They came as your opponent, but your ultimate goal is to give them headshots before they handcuff you. Kill them, or you will be arrested; in the previous scenario you will be rewarded with looted money, and in the later case, your game will be over. Strike police, bomb them, and get rid of them all to continue.

Character Customization Options

In Dude Theft Wars, character customization options allow you to personalize and modify the appearance of your in-game character. This lets you choose clothes, hairstyles, and accessories to create a character that stands out in the game. Want to give your character a funky hairstyle or want your character to wear a jacket? All this is possible with customization options. So, you should enjoy Dude Theft Wars Characters from now on to add more pleasure in the game.

Which Character is loved by Players

One character that players seem to particularly love is Jack in Dude Theft Wars.

Why do Players Love Jack?

  • Jack is where your game begins. You connect with him as the initial character, making him a memorable part of your gaming experience.
  • Jack guides players through the vast virtual city and is a helpful companion in their exploration and progression.


Chad is teased as the third character in Dude Theft Wars and will be out soon.

Richie is a character with a fascinating backstory and unique abilities in Dude Theft Wars.

Player preferences vary, but Jack, Richie, and Chad are predicted to be among the best characters in Dude Theft Wars.

As of now, Chad is not a playable character in Dude Theft Wars.


Indeed, Dude Theft Wars characters are the backbone of any mobile game that shapes the plot and story. Moreover, Characters of Dude Theft Wars are beyond ordinary players as they give you a sense of energy. You can take a start from all-time favorite Jack and wander on the streets. Control your character and do whatever makes you win the game. Be aware of the police and your opponents for the long run. 

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